Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Hi, is the material food grade polyester and what micron size? My tank requires approx 48cm diameter, allowing for turn up. What price and postage to Vic for 2 filters. Thanks, Jourdian.

A. Hi Jourdian, Thankyou for your inquiry. Yes the material we use is used in various applications, including food prep areas, hospital and commercial installations. It is 90% efficent to 5-25 microns. Postage for 2 filters (1 pack) would be $6.00 to Victoria, being a total of $26.00. I might make mention that our standard size filters are 36cm in diameter but I will make them to fit your size tank to 48cm at no extra cost to you. Hoping this answers your question. Kindest Regards, Diane.

Q. Hi, is the water out of the tank safe to drink? Thankyou, Donna.

A. Hi Donna, This is an all-purpose filter and we do not recommend that you drink the water. You have to remember from where your rainwater is running off. I.E. Fibro, Asbestos, Lead Paint and other materials that prove to be dangerous. The filters do not allow 100% protection from these products. Kindest Regards, Diane.

Q. Hi there, How often do I have to change the filter pads? Regards, John.

A. Hello John, If you have had heavy rainfall, we advise you to check straight away when you can. If you have not had any rain, it is advised that you check at least once a month to clear leaves and other debris by just removing filter and giving filter a tap away from the water tank to dislodge these items and then place the filter back into tank. Hoping this answers your question, Regards, Diane.

Q. Hello, Can the filter tank pads be re-used? Regards, Shirley.

A. Hi Shirley, Yes, the filter pads can be re-used. You take the filter out and hose from the back to the front. The back is the White stitching and the front of the filter is the Blue stitching. If washing out, shake the filter first to remove all debris that has been collected on it and then just use an ordinary hose, no high pressure. If the filter is really dirty, you could soak it in detergent for about 10 to 15 minutes and then hose it clean. It is advised though that sometimes it might just be worth replacing the filter because you may have too much gunk caught in the filter, especially after heavy rain.

We will be only too happy to answer any more questions you may have. Just email