"As soon as we got our tanks, we installed Water tank Filter Pads. I can’t believe the amount of dirt , bird droppings & small leaves they collect. I’m glad it’s not all in the bottom of our tanks. These filters collect all the stuff the first flush devices miss …. which is most of it !
I’ve installed them for my parents & my in-laws as well... great product"
Brian Powell
Manly West.

Hello Water Tank Filter Pads,

 Just letting you know I have been using your water tank filter pads for a while now and I am very impressed with how well they work.

I was able to follow the easy instructions and am amazed at the amount of gunk the filter catches before entering the tank after one day of heavy rain. It has been raining so much here lately and the filters have been great.

I have also noticed that the mosquitoes I used to get in the tank are not there anymore as the filter stops them in their tracks and they can not breed in the tank.

At the moment I am using the standard filter size for my 10,000 litre tank, but will be shortly moving to the country.

I know that I may need a different size filter but all I have to do is measure the inside of my tank inlet, and you will make them to fit my tank specifications.

Thanks so much for providing an excellent quality product and great service.

Yours sincerely
Judy Lovi

Hi Water Tank Filter Pads

Great to find you back on Ebay again.

I purchased a pack of 2 pads from you in May 2007 for my new Clark tank. Before installing the tank I thoroughly cleaned down the roof area and guttering. Fortunately I have no overhanging trees

When the tank was installed I simply placed one of your filters over the tanks stainless steel filter sieve. After the first downpour of rain I was astounded by the amount of wind borne debris, grit and dust that had been trapped by the filter.

The filter was easily removed, shaken clean and popped back over the sieve. After a couple of months of this,a quick run in the washing machine really made it look new again.

As the filters are now becoming thinner with use, I am ordering another two plus two more for my neighbour. His tank is only 6 months old but the pressure switch on his pump has failed due to grit entering the pump.

You have a very simple product which does a great job

Kind regards
Mermaid Waters QLD

Dear Water Tank Filter Pads

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the assistance you provided me when I emailed you through Ebay, in overcoming the problems I was having with decayed leaf litter and dirt entering my rain water tank.

As you know I had recently installed a 5000 litre tank and had noticed a large amount of leaves collected on the mesh grille on the top of my tank, however the standard mesh grille did not stop the broken down fine particles from entering the tank. These particles went straight through the mesh and were visible in the bottom of my watering can. As I use this water for gardening as well as drinking water for our new puppies, I was concerned. Since fitting a Water Tank Filter Pad, I was amazed at how much dirt and debris was collected by the pad. It is reassuring to know that the quality of water collected is now cleaner than ever.

Thank you again,
Stephen Wise